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Sensual photo shoot

The desire of two photographers of registering the harmony and pleasant relationship between the women themselves and their bodies. This is the proposal of Nude, a company which offers a professional and artistic sensual photographic work. Its target public are women in any age and biotype, who want to record in a photographic sense the good relationship that they have with their bodies or even surprise and give it as a gift to someone special.

Nude was created from an informal conversation between friends. “A friend told us she really wanted to do a sensual photo shoot, but she was too shy to see her dream become true. So we decided to give her a star treatment photo shoot”. This was the very first sensual photo shoot done by the two designers and photographers Darcy and Jane. Before they set up the company, they made some trials to check the potential of the future business, doing photo shoots with some other friends who used the images, elegantly organised in a photo book or magazine, to surprise husbands, boyfriends or someone special.

The photographers noticed that the sessions were an excellent way to elevate the women’s self-esteem. Clients were extremely happy, indeed joyful and elated at the end of the sessions. Darcy and Jane receive lots of compliments and recommendations from thankful and satisfied customers.

“When we finish a session we feel really satisfied, it is a magic moment seeing clearly the happiness of the customers. Lots of them see the photo shoot as a challenge, a way to reveal themselves”.

The photographers take great care of every detail, trying from the very first meeting, to become a friend with the customer, so that they can feel comfortable in expressing their ideas. Together, they set the scene for the photo shoot, with the full assistance of a professional makeup artist and a stylist.

“We discuss each detail of how the photo shoot will progress, what she does not like in her body, which parts should be emphasized, how the makeup will be and the production. The customer also defines whether the images will be manipulated (Photoshop) or not. So the work will be exactly as she imagined”.
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Women of all ages, from all walks of life, can produce some really special images with the help of the Nude team. We can make your dreams reality!

Frequently asked questions

How does a sensual or naked photo shoot work?

The photo shoot is customized and exclusive. You choose the photographic direction, the setting, the lingerie you will wear and, along with the photographers, define the best way  to make it happen exactly as you imagined.

I have never taken part in a professional photo shoot, how should I behave?

The photographers will provide printed material for inspiration and will help the customer with the positioning, posture and artistic direction during the entire photo shoot.

What does the package include?

The basic package comprises a 5 hours (approximately) photo shoot, location, makeup, hair, costume styling (lingerie), a variety of formats for the photos, image retouching (Photoshop) and a DVD with all the photos taken during the session in high definition.

How do the costume and styling work?

The amount paid includes the services of a stylist. She is responsible for creating a variety of different looks, following the brief given by you and carefully selecting styles and sizes to suit you. The customer defines what she wants to wear in the day of the photo shoot.

Where does the photo shoot take place?

In Sao Paulo, the photo shoot can be done in one of the rooms of Hotels or  in the customer’s house.

The session can also be held in a country house, inn, hotel or at the beach. In this case, the expenses related to the location are not included in the package and will be a customer’s responsability.

How do the makeup and hairstyle work?

A makeup artist (specialist in photographic makeup) will be present throughout the entire photo shoot and will be in charge of preparing and maintaining the makeup.

What are the formats available for the photos?

We offer a wide range of formats for the photos, such as photo books, photographic books and magazines.

How does the photo retouching work (Photoshop)?

The photo retouching is included in the package and will be done under the customer criteria.

How long does the entire process take?

You will receive the finished material within 60 days (approximately) of the viewing.


You are allowed to take one person to accompany the photo shoot.

How should I prepare myself for the photo shoot?

When we confirm the date for your photo shoot, you will receive a file with a check list and some tips to help you to prepare yourself for the session.

Investment and Payment

The packages start in R$1.200.00. Payment terms are available; it is possible to pay in 12 (twelve) months instalments with no interest (Visa or Mastercard).

Privacy Policy

Nude respects your privacy and makes every effort to protect it. We will not sell, use in advertisement or resend any of the images. All of them and the personal details will remain confidential and will not be used without the customer’s permission.

All the images are printed in only one professional laboratory and any image manipulation is made just by the photographers.

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